Grain Agriculture


Our productive options range from sowing in our own farm to sowing on others´ farms whether these lands
are rented or provided to the company by the owners forming an association with productive purposes.

Our business model is flexible and it allows us to work on the three different options meeting the land
owners´ requests and objectives.

The three sowing options are based on SOIL PRESERVATION, allowing us to make short and long term
business projects. The Land is a very important asset for its owner, that is why we take the responsibility to
protect its main qualities and even to enhance them applying new technologies.

Management SERVICES

Administration of Agricultural Investments
This service aims at companies dealing with agri-food industry that require stability og raw material quality or
at Investors interested in this business area.

Investement Administration :
Cash return. This service includes Strategies on Market Risk Coverage in Chicago, Kansas, Buenos Aires
and Rosario and goods commercialization.
Production Administration:
Goods return. It includes delivery of the goods at the harvest time or scheduled according to the "just in time"
Farm Administration
This option was developed for those owners who want to assign the administration area of their farm to third
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