Grain Agriculture
All the alternatives are planned taking into account crop rotation, direct sowing and a fertilization policy with the aim
of conserving the soil quality.

TENANCY ON 100 KILOS (1) (Cash rent) the value of the tenancy is fixed in 100 kilos of soybean, and the owner
have the whole agricultural cycle to fix the value (*) of those 100 kilos, either totally or partially, according to what has
been agreed on.

(*) Rosario Market Price
(1) Quintales : 100 kilos

TENANCY ON PERCENTAGE (Crop Share) The value of the tenancy is fixed as a percentage on the production , the
owner will have advance payments if he needs money before the crop season. After the crop, the owner have at his
disposal a certain tonnage of the production ( soybean-corn-wheat ), to do business on his own or collect he money.

ASSOCIATION The money of the rent is capitalized, and it generates a variable participation in the production. The
percentage of the owner if the tenancy is capitalized is approximately between 40-60% of the production, depending
on the value of the tenancy and on the costs of the seeds sown.
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