Grain Agriculture


< Technical Planning and Advice
Sowing plan, Selection of varieties of seeds, Soil analysis, Fertilization strategies.

< Labour
Sowing, Fumigation and Fertilization.

< Agro-chemicals and Fertilizers
The service includes Buying, Freight, Storage, Insurance and Delivery to the fields.

< Seeds
The seeds that are to be contributed have already received Germination Testing, Classification,
Treatments, Storage and Freight.

< Crop Protection and Control
Periodic checks on the crops and the appropriate measures generated by such checks ( for
instance, fumigation )

< Planning, Contract and Crop Control
Coordination of Machinery and Logistics of Crop Production.

< Generated Logistic Organization
Logistics of goods ( lorries in crops), Agro-chemicals ( freight to warehouses and Delivery to the
fields ), Fertilizers ( coordination of sending and reception in the fields) , Seeds, ( movements,
treatments and delivery to the fields) and machinery ( coordination of machinery, tractors, seeders,
fumigators,etc )

< Management/ Commercial Advice
Advice on prices and management of sales of physical goods.?

< Risk Management
By means of different alternatives, productive and climatic risks can be considerably reduced. The
alternatives are developed according to each case.

This type is designed for land owners who want to take part in the production without having to form
the structure to do so.
Thus, the land owner contributes with the land which has been valued at the leasing market price
and Cañon-Imbern Agropecuaria with all that is necessary to carry out the exploitation . ( see details
below )
When both contributions have been done, the whole investment is estimated and the proportional
percentage is defined to each part of the association with the aim of distributing the grain production.

It is necessary to mention that the owner runs all the risks inherent in the agricultural production that
correspond with his participation (%) in the association.
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