Grain Agriculture
Cañón Imbern Agropecuaria
 was founded in 1975. Since the beginning
its main activity has been grains production in farm, both their own and rented in the central
area of Argentina.

The company directors are its founders Alfonso Cañon and Juan Carlos Imbern. They manage
the company with the aid of a staff highly specialized in all the area of the grains production

The production structure is formed by a team of technicians, its own machinery lot and a group
of workers in constant technology training, with the purpose of thouroughly profit from the latest
advances applicable to the business area of the company. At the same time, a group of free
lance skilled workers provide the company with their specialized services in order to reach
100% productivity.

The main crops are Soybean, Corn and Wheat among others.

Work Philosophy
Our way of working in based on three pillars:

Human Resources - Transparency
Our people. The effort and capacity of the members of the technical team, workers and
management staff lead directly to our success in business.

Respect for the Natural Resources - Responsibility
The soil protection is of uttermost importance to us. We are constantly innovating and adopting
new technology that aims at soil preservation, reaching good lasting business result.

Continuous improvement - Efficiency
All the advantages we hold nowadays have been achieved throughout the time due to the
implementation of systems of continuous improvement, making the efficiency rates go up each
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SINCE 1975
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